Starred Review in Booklist!

On Wednesday, I got a great email from my editor at Harlequin with the news that Winning Ruby Heart had received a STARRED REVIEW in Booklist! The review will go live on September 10th and is in the September 15th and (to toot my own horn) is the third extremely positive review for this book. I’m incredibly proud of the book and am so happy about the positive press it’s been getting.

I got news of the review while at my day job at the library and was immediately in a fantastic mood. So fantastic of a mood, in fact, that I startled a regular library caller.

Like all public librarians, we have regular callers and there’s one who calls every day to ask for churches, Pizza Huts, Food Lions, and Dominos phone numbers in small towns across North Carolina. As far as crazy library callers go, he’s fine. He’s always polite and doesn’t mind being put on hold. He asked his series of questions for the day and then doesn’t call back (some of our callers have a limit of three call per day they are allowed–and they need that limit).

Anyway, he called on Wednesday–right after I got the news about the review–and the small town I was looking up didn’t have a Pizza Hut, Food Lion, or Dominos. I was in such a good mood that instead of just saying, “Bye,” I offered to look up more information in more towns.

My exuberance startled him and he declined the offer, clearly not certain what kind of drug his librarian had gotten into. 🙂

For the rest of the work day, I was prepared and even eager to take on whatever craziness the world had to offer this public librarian.

Cover of Winning Ruby Heart

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