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Feb 22

Sometimes, it seems like all I do is write about how annoying my pets are. That’s probably because pets–while awesome–are pretty dang annoying.

Cats are especially annoying. They each have their own little quirks. You might have a cat who is a barfer. Or one who is a revenge pee-er. (I’ve had one of those. They’re terrible). A cat who bops you on the nose in the middle of the night when they want food. What ever annoying thing your cat does is cute, because it’s your cat and they’re cute.

But in another person’s cat… Not cute. Just annoying.

Here’s where my cats are getting me right now.

Phin, the Viking's Cat

This charming fellow is Phin. He’s the Viking’s cat. He’s a good cat. Bit of a dick, but he’s got a good heart. So long as his role as top cat is established, he’s a love. Loyal, protective, and likes company, even if he’s not affectionate.

Introducing my cats to Phin was cause for concern. Cats can be territorial and aren’t always known for getting along well with each other.

Initial “get-to-know-yous” went well. Phin and my cat, Alistair, get along like two old army buddies.

Alistair, Jennifer Lohmann's catThis is Alistair. Alistair is one of my cats. He’s the sweetest cat you might ever happen to know. He loves laps and pets and and purring. He’s one of the few cats I’ve ever knows that doesn’t have a mean streak.

Phin likes to scratch at outside doors. He’s torn a hole in the weather stripping on our back door and is working on a hole in the door to the garage. Until now, Alistair has never scratched at weather stripping.

Alistair likes to eat tape.  He eats tape, then barfs it up. Very charming. Until now, Phin has never eaten tape.

The Viking and I worried that the cats wouldn’t get along. We should have worried about what would happen if the cats did get along.

If you’ve had cats, you’re probably guessing what happened. Alistair now scratches weather stripping. I’ve never had a garage and he’s never had a reason to think a garage might be a place of interest. But Phin taught him to scratch at garage and so he goes to town.

Phin now eats tape. He doesn’t seem to like it, but his buddy Alistair eats tape and so Phin’s decided he should do it too. We’re waiting for the barfing to start.

Phin and Alistair get along  like a house on fire and, if we’re not careful, they might teach each other to set our house on fire.


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