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Mar 05

In February, the Viking and I went to a Harry Potter-themed wedding. When we got the invitation, I squealed with delight. Check out this adorable wedding invitation (please ignore my terrible Microsoft Paint marks).

Invitation like a marauder's map

Front of the wedding invitation

Inside the invitation

First unfolding of the invitation

Detailed information about the wedding


According to the wedding website, costumes were welcome, so the Viking and I obliged. I went as Luna Lovegood and the Viking went as my Death Eater date. He’s so handsome when he’s pretending to be evil.

Me as Luna Lovegood and the Viking as a Death Eater

Aren’t we cute!

It’s the tattoo that made the Viking’s costume 🙂

Dark Mark tattoo

Dark Mark!


The wedding colors were the Ravenclaw colors (blue and silver) because the bride and groom are Ravenclaws (like me!). If you can’t tell from the costume, the Viking tested as Slytherin.

Stacey and Chip didn’t have cake. Instead, they had an awesome cookie and candy table. Click on the image to see the names on the candy–the attention to detail is delightful.

Table with jars of candy labeled with Harry Potter names

Want some candy?

The best part of the wedding (outside of the joining of two wonderful people) was the officiant. Meet Gildaroy Lockhart.

Professor Lockhart and Luna Lovegood

Luna meets Professor Lockhart

Professor Lockhart was in character throughout the wedding. And the book with his picture on the cover! So, cute. He also took “selfies” with people–he held out a mirror so you could see yourself in the mirror with him. He was great.

As you may know, the Viking and I are getting married in the summer. We’re not doing anything like this, but it was fun to see what one couple could do with a strong sense of fun and a love of books.


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