Snowdance: A Ski & Summer Resort

Remember the First Kiss blog hop of April? Well, Audra North saw that there was a follow-up video and has organized a "First Undressing" blog hop. You can find more details about the blog hop on her website. My piece, Snowdance: A Ski & Summer Resort, is below. I hope you enjoy the piece--and the sneak peek into what I've been working on recently. PDF file Teri felt like a fool. Ski clothing generally looked silly, but usually wearing a layer of long johns, a downy vest, bulky ...

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The First Base Line

The First Base Line was written as part of a blog hop series inspired by this post on the Huffington Post. Our instructions were: Write a flash fiction piece (up to 1500 words) about two strangers that meet at a video shoot at which they're supposed to share a first kiss. Feel free to get creative! Video shoot can be in any town, any time, between any configuration of couples (m/f, m/m, f/f). See Audra North's blog for a full schedule and link to pieces by other authors. PDF File The...

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First Kiss Blog Hop

Twitter is awesome. Why is Twitter awesome? Well, I posted a video on Twitter of 20 strangers who kiss for the first time and smart people on Twitter came up with an idea. A group of us got together and wrote our own version of “20 Strangers Kissing.” Except in this case, it’s over 20 authors, each writing a flash fiction piece about two strangers who share their first kiss on camera. Every day from April 7th through April 14th, participating authors will post their stories to their ...

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