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Mar 09

Judy’s Books

As part of a conversation at NoveList, I clicked over to a link about Read Across America and eventually landed on a page about Jack Prelutsky, the beginning of his career writing poetry, and Dr. Seuss. Immediately, I was flooded with memories of my childhood happy book place, Judy's Books on Main Street in Twin Falls, Idaho. Most librarians have memories of their local library and their local librarian; I have memories of Judy's Books and Judy, the eponymous owner. My mom owned a small store...

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e.e. cummings and my father

Happy National Poetry Month! I've mentioned in passing on my blog and on Twitter that I have a new fellow in my life, The Viking. Thinking I would be cute, I decided to write out verses of love poetry on postcards and mail them to him over the course of April. Finding the right poems for this is a tricky thing. We've been dating since early January and the poems needed to be flirty or seductive or exploratory or erotic. Nothing with "true love" or "forever," etc; The Viking and I aren't at th...

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