Serendipity in New Orleans

This tale starts at the Trashy Diva dress shop, back a couple years ago when it was on Chartres Street and the American Libraries Association Conference was in New Orleans. I wasn't certain I would like New Orleans. All I knew of it was drunkenness and flashing and beads—none of which I'm interested in. Sure, I also knew it had delicious food and amazing music, but I worried I wouldn't be able to find all those things, what with all the drunks blocking my path. I was giving a presentation with...

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The Ski Report

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know I spent a week at the Snowbird resort outside of Salt Lake City, Utah skiing and visiting with family.  I knew it was a great vacation, but I didn't realize how relaxing of a time I had until I got back to the day job and realized that I couldn't remember my login password. A sure sign of a good time! I'm originally from the Rocky Mountain area and find going back very soothing to the soul. Maybe these pictures will help you see why. [ca...

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I recently came back from Chicago, where I had gone to visit a friend from college and her new (four-week-old!) baby. I had intentions of taking lots of photographs to share with everyone, especially since Chicago is where my first three novels are set. I wanted to give you a taste of my Chicago. However, the pleasure of spending time with my best friend and her family quickly overcame my intentions of doing anything else. I do have two pictures to share with you. First, we have Chicago-st...

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